Monday, December 13, 2010

Game rewrite and Minecraft

Thegame I'm making has ended up being full of bugs, and the engine wasn't so well planned, so i have started rewriting it, using "twisted" networking module, instead of sockets. Maybe i'll use threads too...

On the other hand, i have become addicted to Minecraft :P
It's a really great game, and you should try it too:
I've settled down on the norwegian Hardwork server, and become a guard! Join me if you want to! :)


  1. Hey, this is Austin (in America). I just wanted to ask how you learned programming. What resources did you use? A website or book? Which ones? (etc.) I've tried getting into programming, but I find it really hard to read the books that MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network/Microsoft Software Developer Network) puts out.

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